Kindred Souls – Healing Energy Music CD




Close your eyes and let the Healing Energy Music take you on a journey of self-discovery and inspiration!


  • Fight Of The Albatross
  • At Peace With Oneself
  • Kindred Spirits
  • You’re The Star
  • Sympatico
  • Head Held High
  • Island Paradise

Relaxation music and music for Clinical Hypnotherapy applications have the ability to help everyone. No one is exempt from feeling good about themselves and making others around them feel good. Healing people is the reason the composer, Ace Matters, created this CD.

The beautiful melodies will soothe your soul and the 60 beats per minute tempo will beat to the natural rhythm of your heart, to relax, revitalize and heal you.

Become truly relaxed and let the healing energy CD, produced and written especially for Fiona Vitel Hypnotherapist, enter your spirit and soul and heal you from within.


CD Sample:


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