Hypnodontics & Medical Hypnosis


Hypnodontics is the art and science of using hypnosis to induce comfortable and pain free dental visits. Many people are scared of visiting the dentist. I can help deal with whatever issue you might have such as discomfort, anxiety, panic, fear or phobia.

●    Hard to manage patients often put off going to  the dentist until the pain or dental problem can no longer be ignored
●    Hypnosis is used to reduce stress and induce hypnoanethesia so that less medication is used
●    Control can be achieved in many cases by direct suggestion or properly developed imagery, but sometimes more complex methods are required
●    Fears and phobias include fear of needles, fear of pain, the sound of the drill, sights, sounds and smells of a dental surgery, fear that anaesthesia won’t work, lack of control, and choking or gagging

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The great news is that you don’t have to suffer or dread going to the dentist anymore. Your children can also benefit from Hypnodontics so they don’t live with the inherited fear of the dentist.

Hypnosis can assist in:
●    Elimination or reduction of tension, anxiety or fear of pain and related discomfort
●    Accustoming the patient to orthodontic or prosthetic appliances
●    Reduction of anaesthesia or analgesia during dental procedures and the elimination of the side effects they cause
●    Control of salivary flow and bleeding
●    Prevention of gagging and nausea

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