“I went to see Fiona for some help with some issues I was having over the recent death of my mother and some relationship issues I was having at work

I would highly recommend Fiona and the work she does, she was very professional and the work she has done with me has already made a significant difference

Expect a direct no-nonsense approach and be sure that she will not keep you coming any longer than you need to. I would happily recommend her to anyone who has a need.”

“Fiona was able to quickly and effectively help me hone my self-hypnosis skills allowing me to continue my self-development by providing helpful shortcuts and insights. I will definitely consult with her again when back in Abu Dhabi. Thanks Fiona!”

Following a completely chance conversation with Fiona struck up on on a flight, I decided to sign up to a short series of online sessions to deal with issues related to the trauma of having lost both parents suddenly, at different stages of my life. This was something I’d been meaning to do for many years, but there had always been a reason (excuse) not to do so.

I had a high degree of trust in Fiona as soon as we met and so despite the fact that I live on the other side of the country, I decided to take her up on the offer of carrying out sessions remotely. I had some initial misgivings about how effective this might be, but I needn’t have been concerned.

Fiona is warm and friendly in her approach and clearly has a wealth of professional and practical experience behind her, which enabled us to address the challenges in my life in relatively few sessions. I found it to be so effective in fact that we used a few additional sessions to address other areas of my life with which I was not happy, including issues connected to weight gain and anger management.

I genuinely feel that my life has improved in many ways since completing the sessions. I am still fundamentally the same person of course but believe that changes made at the subconscious level and some tools that I use consciously, have enabled me to be a happier and more aware person than previously. This has not just benefited me, but has had a very positive impact on those around me.

I recommend Fiona Vitel to anyone looking to make positive changes to their life.

“I met Fiona Vitel in 2008, and discovered the transformational power of hypnotherapy during what turned out to be a significant period of change in my life. I wanted to experience what hypnotherapy could do for me in the hands of this compassionate healer, and in retrospect, I am so grateful that I did.

At the point when we met, I was ready to find peace and happiness. I knew that I did not have the answers, and I was prepared to do whatever it took in order to create an existence filled with love, companionship, fun, and financial abundance. I knew that I needed to change in order to create the life I craved, but I didn’t know what I needed to change, or how to make those changes.

Fiona’s empathetic nature, charisma, poise, sense of fun, and respect for her clients worked their magic on me. I am so glad I trusted her, believed in the work we did together, and opened my mind to the possibilities. My life has changed dramatically, and I wish her many blessings. “

“I would like to thank you for the help that you have given me to cure my addiction to alcohol. 

Before your work with me I was drinking at least 2 bottles of wine per night and on some nights and days it was considerably more.  I had tried several methods of reducing the amount of alcohol like self help books and will power, however they did not last long and came back stronger. 

The thought of going to AA or other support groups made me feel ill and would not work for me as I felt that they would make me go “cold turkey” or “face my demons” both of which did not appeal to me.

The thought of hypnotherapy, I did not really understand how it works, however I had to do something different because I could not carry on as I was going.  

After the initial chat with you I felt more empowered than I did before and I felt that I may have a chance to reduce my alcohol intake. 

My life has been changed due to the fact that I am now not a slave to alcohol and its effects.

If anybody asked how I have done my 180 degree turnaround then I have no hesitation in telling them that you have helped me and hypnotherapy works.”

“I am a Dutch guy and was staying in Winchcombe temporarily. After a period of taking prescription medication from my psychiatrist, I was still struggling with my mental health. I have Bi-polar 2. I was suffering from out of the blue panic attacks, depression and interrupted sleep and was feeling unstable and fragile. In my relationship, I had episodes of feeling insecure and I could be difficult and even delusional.

I had a nice welcome and intake of information during my first session with Fiona and then she explained how she works. She explained to me about how she worked with the subconscious. I had 6 sessions including some NLP and during this time I became much better than before. All the previous problems disappeared during this time.

I am very thankful for this amazing and unexpected result. It is not like magic but a reality. I am like my old self, sleeping really well now and cope also with everyday stresses.”

“I am a 21 year old female, diagnosed with Depressive Disorder and Mixed Anxiety in January 2016.

I initially contacted Fiona in hope to ‘cure’ my insomnia. Although I had never considered hypnotherapy before due to lack of awareness, I was desperate for support and willing to try anything.

As Fiona identified my poor mental health the cause of insomnia, she worked with me to change my mindset; to remove the depressive features, the negativity and self-loathe I was experiencing everyday

I can confidentially say Fiona was my saviour. I now feel a sense of empowerment, value and positivity most days, and have coping strategies in place for those days I don’t. My self confidence is building, my motivation is increasing and I am excited for life again. 

I immediately felt comfortable within Fiona’s practice; she is an extremely experienced, understanding, talented and intuitive professional, truly dedicated to supporting those in need. I can’t thank her enough, and would highly recommend.”

“Fiona is an extremely professional and talented hypnotherapist. She has helped me through some challenging times in my life to allow me to deal with situations more easily and with calmness and positivity. Fiona’s techniques are truly amazing that actually get amazing results.”

“I had a course of personalised hypnosis sessions with Fiona over a few months period in which we covered alot of personal development aspects through hypnosis. It was a very valuable and useful experience. Fiona is very personable and will make you feel at ease very quickly. Highly recommended.”

“I would like to start in this way: I am a very good traveler, I like to explore unknown places and to get more from the known ones, I traveled a lot around the world, but I have never experienced such a special trip (within myself) when I started my sessions. Of course I could have never met a better travel guide and company than Fiona for this amazing journey within myself. She is definitely the right person (extremely professional and caring) to start with either you need to address a specific issue (or many as in my case) or simply you are curious to know more about yourself. If you are ready to empower yourself, to get rid of fears and limits that make you stuck in a negative circle, to reach the consciousness of oneness between your inner-self and the rest of the world, please take this fantastic and dramatic adventure. Trust me, Fiona will help you to discover within yourself the source of your positive energy.”

“Fiona has helped me with anxiety.  Her energy, enthusiasm and encouragement of the importance of a healthy, positive lifestyle, I have found very useful. The sessions have helped me with my confidence and given me techniques to deal with anxiety. I hope that hypnotherapy will become more accepted as an effective tool in dealing with mental health. I would recommend Fiona.”

Fiona has completely changed my life. She is a wonderful hypnotherapist with a big heart – you won’t find a better one than Fiona!